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Ethereal Florals-46.jpg
These are a few of my favorite things
- slow and quiet mornings
- cooking with my husband 
- long walks
- reading over a black cup of coffee
- thrift shopping
- listening to crime podcasts
- redecorating my home
- taking care of my plant babies
- pizza and wine night

What originally started as a part-time flower shop job out of high school turned into a part-time floral gig through college. After graduating from school with my B.A. in communications I finally realized that my true passion was floral design. Although I grew up having an appreciation for art and creating , I never would have considered pursing an artistic craft as a career. Yet in many ways floral design found me and held me in a tight grip. Not only that, but I found working with florals to be a uniquely spiritual experience that offered so many special opportunities to celebrate people for their uniqueness and worth. 

Even then I would not be were I am today if it were not for the many florists I have learned from over the years, who have believed in me and have pursued community with other creatives over competition. Additionally Ethereal Florals would not be possible without the encouragement and support from my dear husband Benjamin. He was the first employee of this small business and is my number one helper for event days...someone has got to lift those heavy flower buckets! : ) 

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