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our process

We love working with our clients to figure out how we can make their event feel more authentic and representative of themselves. Flowers along with other design aspects all work together to communicate who you are and we would love to be a part of communicating your unique message for whatever you are celebrating. Here is how our process works!

Ethereal Florals-22.png

inquire about your date

First, check with us to see if we are available. Although we wish we could be free for every event, we keep our team small to ensure the quality of each event. Also, we need a break sometimes too. Once our availability is confirmed we are can sort through the key logistics.

Ethereal Florals-24.png

fill out our questionnaire

Next we send you a floral questionnaire to gather all of the unique pieces about your day. Who will be there? What you are celebrating? What is important to you about the flowers? If you have ideas we want to hear them, but as always we are more than happy to offer design advice!

Ethereal Florals-23.png

receive a quote

After you fill out our questionnaire we will send you a quote through email. From there we can set up a phone call to talk through the design specifics. We are happy to tweak the quote until it meets all of your goals. If you want to book we walk you through our contract and payment schedule.

want to know if we are available?

If you are interested in knowing our availability and would like to receive a quote custom to your celebration, please take a moment to fill out our initial form below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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